Following Shelley to the World Mountain Running Championship

Following Shelley to the World Mountain Running Championship

August 03, 2017

Only a few weeks after a gold medal performance at the marathon in Ivory Coast, Shelley is back on the road, this time to Premana, Italy for the biggest running race of her career. On Saturday, August 5th, the long distance world mountain running championships are kicking off and our local hero Shelley Doucet will be racing alongside 5 other Canadians, listed below.

Canadian Racers

 I have no idea how the race will play out for Shelley, and she probably doesn't really know exactly what she'll encounter on race day, but I'm sure it will be one heck of an experience and I can't wait to hear all about it regardless of how it plays out. That being said, my money is on Shelley for top Canadian performance.

Good luck Shelley!! You can be sure Team Skull-Crushers will be following along and cheering from here!

Looking at historical results, Marianne Hogan placed in the top 20 last year and appears to be the top returning runner. Annie Jean, the top Canadian performer from last year is not returning this year.  Matt Setlack was the top canadian performer last weekend in the shorter distance and his now doubling down for the longer event. Looking through the results of the world championships past, the Canadian squads have never been on the podium, either individually or as a team. What I do see from looking at the results past, is that the competition at these events is fierce. These are the best mountain runners in the world and it's just going to be incredible to watch and that much more exciting because we'll personally know someone there. 

The link at the bottom of this page:, has the list of registered participants. I also assume live tracking will be available via tds-live, but I don't see a link just yet. If you do find a tracking link, please share in the comments below.