April 05, 2016

Many have asked, what’s in the name? What does Liv9 mean?  Liv9 has many meanings to me.

First, “Liv” is a Swedish word for “Life”. The word also holds special significance to me because it is also my youngest daughter’s middle name.

As for the “9”, the body needs nine essential amino acids to function and we have to acquire them through our diet or nutritional supplements. Also, the personal connection is that one of our first multivitamins, Liv9 Balance, contained nine components.

I believe in Liv9 and want to tell the story for one simple reason. I’ve seen the results with clients and I’ve felt the results personally.

During my studies at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston, I excelled in courses that focused on cellular biology and metabolic function. How do these nutrients know where to go in the body? What happens when we become deficient? How do medications, diet and stress influence a balanced system?Twenty-four years later this interest still provides me with a professional focus.

Personally, exercise has always been my release – what makes me feel alive. It was during my time in Boston that I experienced my first Triathlon and began to ramp up my running and cycling schedule. Soon after, in a Boston bike shop, I found a book on cycling in Gotland, the Swedish Island in the Baltic Sea.

This book and my love of cycling led me to Sweden in 1989 where I met my wife and her family. Over the past two decades, Swedish society has influenced me with their “less is more” philosophy. The Swedish word lagom (“just enough”) is their approach to life. Their passion for quality products, fitness, nature, and diet, are values that I aspire to.  Still today, the best medicine for me is my diet, exercise, water, and a good night’s sleep.

For years I struggled with mass produced vitamins and supplements. I understood their role in my body – for immune function, metabolism, and athletic recovery. The problem was my body simply would not accept the multiple binders, fillers, and dyes used in their production processes.

This is where Liv9 started. As a long time compounding pharmacist, I knew it was possible to create something better and healthier. 

Our first product, Liv9 Balance and Energy was developed to fill this gap in the market and to provide ‘what a body needs and nothing it doesn’t’. 

Liv9 Nutrition was founded in 2014 with the goal of providing these unique formulations to consumers. Founded on the principles of innovation, purity, quality and service, our team at Liv9 Nutrition is driven to design, manufacture and distribute the highest quality products backed by scientific research. 

I invite you to explore our website to see who we are professionally, and how we can become a resource to find answers to your questions.


Greg MacFarlane
Liv9 Founder